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Google Chrome 2020 Dark Mode for Everyone

Google Chrome 2020 Dark Mode for Everyone - It is very logical that at this time in 2020 the dark interface has a lot of attention, because it's no longer exactly a new thing, but there it is: dark so that is the next revolution in the appearance of systems and applications in Android, which is Messenger and also seen on Google Chrome.2020 seems to be the year where Google will not only implement real dark mode for Android, but also for all applications, some already adapted, others are in the process. Yes, this is happening with Google Chrome.

Google Chrome 2020

This is not the first time we have talked about dark mode in Google Chrome since the application obtained a "night interface" in early February and in beta. The disadvantage is that it is very limited on certain smartphones; and only with Android 9. Now dark mode is open to everyone but the experimental version of Google Chrome: 2020 Latest Version

Activate the dark mode on Google Chrome 2020 Latest Version with a simple "flag"

As is often the case with Chrome, the development team hides the news in the form of experimental functions or "flags". To activate night mode, you only need to activate the function above, and that's it: the interface changes the white background to a much darker tone. It's not completely black, and this isn't good news for anyone with an OLED screen. You can install Google Chrome 2020 Latest Update at the following link. The browser is functioning properly even though it is being experimental.

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