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The features that come in the new Chrome 2020 browser version

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Learn about Chrome reaching version 2020 - The Google Chrome Update 2020 browser brings news about blocking Adobe Flash in preparation for the final application in 2020. The new anonymous mode will prevent sites from detecting that users are browsing privately. The update also includes support for installing omnibox applications, new interface options, partially transparent and native dark mode.

The features that come in the new Chrome 2020 browser version 

The Google browser is available for computer systems with Mac OS, Windows and Linux and updates will come to the PC through the next few weeks. The mobile version will be released soon.

Flash ends

In 2017, Adobe revealed that Flash would be stopped, making Google claim that Chrome would delete the plugin from their browser by the end of 2020. Restrictions have now been added to Chrome 2020. However, users can reactivate Flash. manually through the Chrome settings, but with software it is mandatory to restart for the changes to be set. However, with the lack of Adobe support, this possibility will not remain with future updates.

New incognito mode

This update has an additional anonymous mode, preventing the site from identifying that the user is in private mode. Changes must affect sites that use paywall (read permitted for customers). Previously, free content could be blocked when a page detected that users were browsing anonymously. The new release improves the way browsers handle scripts during incognito

Web Application

The possibility of the website offering to install the application in the address bar becomes a reality. A new icon will appear next to the star button when a site offers a recommended download. By clicking on this icon, an application presentation and installation tab will appear on the browser screen.

Dark mode and more functions

The new system allows websites to automatically activate dark mode or follow a user-specified color scheme. In addition, the browser now accepts the configuration so that the interface elements get a translucent partial effect similar to the layout of the iPhone (iOS) operating system, which is Apple.

Other important changes are the new HTTP request headers, which may contain server response time-based attacks, JavaScript and WebRTC improvements, and other developer tools.

Android and iOS

On mobile phones, the update will bring important changes to improve user safety and comfort. However, the most significant change was in the PWA methodology for developers. Among them:

  • Find on Page now functions with the iFrames programming path, including Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), publishing technology developed by Google;
  • Strong password suggestions during registration on the website;
  • Optimization for management and synchronization of search history;
  • New design in the saved password management tool.

How to download Chrome 2020

Chrome version 2020 is available for download via the Over-the-Air update for Windows and Mac users. Google has also released an update for the Chromium 2020 open source browser. Updates for iPhone and Android will be coming soon.

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