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Google Chrome 2020 Open Strange Sites

Google Chrome 2020 Open Strange Sites - Viruses aka malware not only infect computer programs or devices, but also browsers. Thus, from which users can find out if their Web browser has contracted malware or viruses ? One is the home page on the Browser turned another site and there are even those who automatically open strange sites. One type of interference on the Internet and quite troublesome is to redirect to another site when it just opened the page of the actual site we are aiming. 

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Sometimes it's automatic without doing anything, or just simply click through the elements in the Web page. Do you irritated ? Moreover, it is often directed to sites that are full of advertisements and malware. Actually, in every popular browser used there are already settings that can be utilized to at least warn you that when the browser tab will be taken to another site address. And this information you can use to prevent redirects without this permission. One of the causes of this problem is in the shortcuts that have been manipulated that we can see by right-clicking > properties as below

In the target column after the command to open chrome It turns out there are additional commands to open sites that where when opening the site will be directed to strange sites. Usually this is because we install an obscure application like How to restore it to normal enough by deleting the URL launchpage in the target column and save. If the problem is not yet complete as they are all and you also find a lot of problems, the best Solusis to overcome it is to reinstall Google Chrome to the latest version.

The peculiarities that occur when Google Chrome opens always open a strange site one of which is the presence of malware attached to your browser. Usually something like this happens because there is a new extension is not clear, but after checked it turns out there is no strange extension alias everything is still safe.

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