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Google Chrome 2020 Wants To Protect You From Malware

Google Chrome 2020 Wants To Protect You From Malware - Chrome is already part of the Google Advanced Protection Program, and from today it will start blocking downloads of potentially dangerous files. Google announced the integration of Google Chrome 2020 into the Advanced Protection Program, adding an additional layer to protect users from potentially dangerous files before being downloaded to a computer. This new option will display a warning or block the file before downloading.

Additional security filters prevent users from downloading files with malware which can jeopardize the security of their data. To be able to use it, simply activate Google Sync, which allows you to synchronize company services through your computer, cellphone or tablet. For you to be proactive about protecting your users, you're striving to download certain risky files, now showing an additional warning for you in some cases for now, even blocked. Although Google Chrome 2020 will faithfully protect all users from malware, create you as an advanced protection user will get a level of protection that will be stronger of course.

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This option will be available starting today for members of the Advanced Protection Program, an initiative designed to protect the data of users most exposed to receiving intentional attacks, such as journalists, activists, business people or community leaders. Registration in this program requires the purchase of two physical keys that will be used to log in to the user's account, one for wireless devices such as your cellphone or laptop, and another that will function as a backup, which can be connected to a computer via a USB port

Those who are interested can buy a FIDO key from Feitian or Yubico to register it in their account. Google recently announced that its Titan security key is also available in company stores in the UK, France and Japan, for those who are interested in signing up for the program. It is worth mentioning that it is important to have a physical key when you enter the device.

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